April showers and long train journeys

After many a long train journey, I finished the Magus! And was promptly disappointed. Despite my initial struggle getting into the book, I was actually enjoying the mystery and drama as the story got more and more complicated. Unfortunately, the ending did nothing to dispel this mystery and I was left with ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA why anything that happened, happened. While this is acceptable, even inevitable with spy novels, I did not expect to be permanently left in the dark with respect to this book. So if that could be re-written, it would be worth the effort.

What else have I been reading? Apart from knitting patterns and magazines, not much. I’ve started Birdsong (sent to me by a friend and recommended by another who’s opinion I trust), but again that’s proving a bit difficult. I’d just got intrigued in the story and now its switched to some other characters who I will have to get to know all over again. Back at square one.

So to mitigate all this effort, I’m re-reading Before I go to Sleep, which I got for christmas and read so quickly I was almost sick. You know the kind I mean, where you literally can’t do anything else but read and finish as quickly as possible? I really really enjoyed it; a thriller about a woman with amnesia, making it more difficult for her to know who to trust, and what her real life is. So I’m trying to read responsibly this time, and actually take the time to appreciate the amazing structure and writing style instead of simply bingeing. Debut novel as well! Well worth a read.

Spring reads

I read To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time, and thought it was great, although not exactly what I expected. The characters are amazing and I love the way the story is told from the perspective of a child. Very moving.

Also started my first ever Stephen King book, and quite disapointed. I wanted to be scared! Instead I was jsut disgusted. It was Dreamcatcher and I read half of it before I realised that it was just plain gross. The horror was meant to be a mystery as well, but there was a bad ratio of plot to gore, leaving very little incentive for me to keep reading. Since I had so many high recommendations before I started, there is the possiblity that I might try a different book, but doubt I will ever finish Dreamcatcher.

In other news, reading more of The Magus (I know its taking forever, it’s my long-train-journeys-book) and it’s getting quite good. Although reading such a crazy book when tired does mess with your ability to perceive reality accurately.

I also read Who’s Afraid of Mr Wolfe, a chick-lit novel written by a friend of a friend of my mums. Haven’t read something so fluffy in a while, so it was a nice change. Predictable as usual, but easy to read and read quickly. Pretty funny as well, made me chuckle out loud in a couple of places which is fairly rare for a book.