Too many plots

After all the hype (created solely by me and my expectations) I finished Embassytown. While it was a good book, it was different from what I predicted. It was also quite difficult to understand; everything was so alien that I had to read it really slowly to try and comprehend what the author was trying to portray. Taking the strange to a whole new level.

Also, while the original reason I wanted to read this book was a central theme, there was so much else going on, it reduced the amazing and unique impact that idea could have had. It was as if, on top of this great storyline, Mieville decided to add more and more layers and plots (not even sub-plots), with so much else going on. I found it a case of overkill which worked to the detriment of what was such a good starting point. If you have that many ideas, write more books! Don’t try and stuff it all into one novel, as the book will only become complicated, diluted and just damn strange.