The Stand

Just made it through my first Stephen King book, The Stand. On the whole, I really enjoyed it and the book definitely improved as you got further through.

Things I liked:
The setting up of a new society in a post-apocalyptic world (excellent)
Good character progression
Interesting theological threads
The journey across America

Things I didn’t:
The beginning. Too many people to keep track of, and too many dying in disgusting ways
Any of the characters at the beginning. Didn’t start caring about anyone till quite late on, which made it harder to read at the start
The way so many people almost saved themselves, but didn’t. (I realise this is good writing, to make me wish they would do different things, and makes them much more human etc.etc. but its still annoying)

All in all, it wasn’t as scary as I expected – the premise is horrifying in a very abstract way, and characters’ fear and confusion is described very well, but the fear didn’t translate to me. Except perhaps with the weasels.