Good Reads

Just a quick note to say, everyone should get on Good Reads now! It’s like IMDB, but for for books and allows you to list all the books you’ve read, are reading and want to read, as well as see what your friends are reading and how they rate books. It’s so much fun, and pretty addictive. It also demonstrates some things about you that you might not acknowledge or publicise that often. For example, my top rated books sort of imply that I have the literary taste of an eight-year old girl. While I’m okay with this – much like music, I do not stop loving certain books as I get older, I just increase the number that I love – it’s slightly different to let the world know.

Cloud Atlas

I went to see this in the cinema last night, and after struggling for a whiel with my ailing memory, had come to the conclusion that I was at least 90% sure that I had read the book. Then I saw the film and did not recognise a single scene or plotline.

How did I come up with such a ridiculous amount of confidence that I had read it? A lot of people pointed out that its the kind of book you don’t forget, but I am quick to point out that sometimes I really cannot remember a single thing about a book until I pick it up again (even then, it can often take a while – like with The Stone Gods).

I am keen to read it now, and catch up with where I thought I was. I loved the film, and thought it was very well done, considering some poor reviews and an incredibly complex cast. Anybody want to lend me a copy?