An introvert at Carnaval

So I arrived in Rio for the greatest party on earth (or so the slogan goes). Carnaval is downright crazy, there´s no doubt about that. There are blocos (street parties), where the young and beautiful get dressed up to drink and samba the night away.

It can be a bit overwhelming, particularly if like me, you enjoy quietly reading a book as much as all this revelry. But I knew that before I came, and thought it would make a good contrast to the normality I´ve just left.

Dancing in the streets with strangers is amazingly fun.

But I also managed to find the softer side of Rio; sitting alone at the top of Escadaron Selaron, or walking through the jungle by Pao de Esucar, spotting monkeys and searching for snakes. Lying comatose on one of the smaller beaches, or wandering through the beautiful streets of Santa Teresa, hot and just a little lost.

It´s the mix of it all that fascinates me, that one city could have so many contrasts, so much to see and do. There is a bat that sometimes flies in Henriques house. I thought Miguel was exaggerating and it was just a big moth – nope. A real morcego. I think that sums up a little of how I feel here.

Now for the photos! I´ve taken too many, already.

Next stop – Cuiaba? It´s in a place called Matto Grosso (Fat Jungle). Wish me luck!