Hi! I’m Kate.

Kookooburra is a nickname, and a misspelling of an Australian bird known for its laugh.

This blog was originally about books, and then about travel. There’s plenty to get stuck into in the archives, from metalepsis to adventures in Panama City. I still post about exploring, and about reading and writing (and writing about reading and writing…)

I’ve been writing, editing and proofreading professionally since 2011. Some of the places I’ve been published include: HelloGiggles, Bonfire Impact, The Cocktail Hour and Couchsurfing.com. I also briefly performed short stories at various open mic nights, once tried stand-up comedy and drafted a NaNoWriMo story.

I am perpetually curious and like thinking (and writing) about other things too. Things like cooking and food security; linguistics, cycling, and feminism, as well as social media and philosophy, which you can mostly find in the handily vague ‘live‘ section.

Take a look around! I hope you enjoy it.


PS. Get in touch: kate@kookooburra.co.uk

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