Could I/ should I…eat vegetarian?


If you’d have asked me five years ago, I would have laughed in your face. My answer now is still technically the same (meat is delicious) but my tone has certainly changed.

It’s great that some people stick to a vegetarian diet, and I’m happy that it seems to be a growing trend.

The misgivings I have about eating a lot of meat are about theĀ  environment and poverty, rather than cruelty, health or ethics. Of course there are plenty of valid misgivings around those too, but personally it’s the idea that eating meat makes it more difficult to improve food security worldwide that makes me rethink.

If we used more farm land for growing crops, we could feed more people. Eating a vegetarian diet is more sustainable than having meat at every meal, or every day.

And the cost of producing meat, the amount of water necessary, the added greenhouse gases, the transportation and packaging and refrigeration – that’s what I would like to change.

So I have been slowly trying to eat more vegetarian meals, more often. It’s as much about actually being able to cook something other than stir fry or a sandwich which doesn’t include meat, as it is about these other reasons.

A totally meatless diet doesn’t appeal to me at all. As a recovering fussy eater, the idea of restricting rather than expanding the variety of food I eat seems backwards.

But eating less meat overall (especially beef), and buying meat from local butchers in minimal packaging; that’s something I can get behind.