Lecker! German food in south Manchester

Of all the delicious places to eat in Chorlton, Ess Paradies (or Hot Spot) is the one I can’t stop thinking about.


Hearty, traditional food covering bratwurst, hamburgers, schnitzel and more, it’s definitely my kind of place. Despite my recent vegetarian leanings, meat and potatoes is my bread and butter (I’ll stop with the food analogies soon, promise).

But food typically considered bland, to me, is delicious. It is satisfying and comforting, and everything that I knew food could be for the longest time.

The first time I went, I had the exceptional potato fritters with applesauce to start, and the ‘inside out’ burger – essentially stuffed with bacon and cheese. Obviously it was fantastic.

For dessert, there is everything from strudel to black forest gateau, as well as the intriguing Fanta cake. After trying Coca-Cola cake in Charleston, I feel it’s my duty to continue to explore this range of sickly-sweet flavoured desserts.

It also reminded me of food I’ve eaten in Germany – all huge portions and filling ingredients. It’s simple, too, which appeals to me. There’s no fuss or the pretention of gourmet cooking (all tiny mouthfuls stacked on top of each other), just good food. If you’re hungry in Chorlton, I’d definitely recommend it.