Learning to like new foods really does take thirty days

Plus patience, flexibility and a dash of creativity.

porridge in a blue bowlThis is one of those pieces of information that everyone has heard somewhere, but no-one actually believes. Probably because it’s just too long to be the easy fix we all want, and just too short to be credible.

But a month ago I started trying to eat porridge. My thoughts on porridge pre- this experiment were very strongly negative. I didn’t like the texture, the idea of eating something hot first thing in the morning, the effort involved in making it, and so on.

I did like the idea of a low sugar breakfast that I could buy in bulk, and have with different toppings.

The first time I had a bowl (soaked in yogurt overnight), I couldn’t eat two spoonfuls.

I gave myself a break for a few days, then tried again, with a much smaller portion. I still didn’t finish it, but I ate a little more.

Then I tried it with honey. And chocolate, and peanut butter, and a host of delicious things to cover the taste of the oats.

Because I’m very opposed to milk, I disregarded the general instructions for how much to include, and used the absolute minimum. This was much better.

To speed up time preparing it, I soaked the oats overnight in the fridge, then only warmed them up for about a minute.

I still rotate my breakfast with yoghurt, but these days I find porridge fairly enjoyable – and definitely worth the experiment.