Tipping the scales

Life is rarely black and white. I like movements/ campaigns and guides to living which recognise this, which is why the idea behind Reducetarian appeals to me so much.


not feasible to suggest that everyone gives up their car and starts walking or riding a bike everywhere (much as I would encourage them to!).

I don’t believe that we can expect the majority of the population to turn vegan or even vegetarian overnight.

These things might be great for the planet (and for the animals, future generations etc etc) but in that blunt, take-it-or-leave-it format, it’s also unrealistic.

Even people who adore meat – I include myself in this category – can make small changes to their diet which add up to a big social shift. Meat-free meals or days are common ways to achieve this and there are plenty of resources available to help you try this for yourself.

But you can also think about the proportion of meat per meal. If you normally cook a shepherd’s pie with 500g of mince, switch to 300g. If you typically use two chicken breasts in a stir-fry, try one. Two slices of bacon instead of the whole packet. A few slices of chorizo to add flavour.

Experimenting with these options means you can slowly up the level of vegetables or other sources of protein in your meals. It means you don’t have to give up everything, all at once.

Sometimes small changes can make the biggest difference.