Variety vs. routine

I’ve been intentionally trying new foods, expanding my preferences and tastes, for a number of years.

It’s got to the point where I can comfortably eat, cook, and enjoy a much wider range of meals. Recent successes include oatmeal, radishes, and seeded wholewheat bread.

Learning to make new foods is exciting, and my love of cooking is the main way I have been changing how I feel about food overall – but I think it might be time to redress the balance.

I am a creature of routine. The more decisions I can make automatically, the more free space I have to think about far more interesting things than what to eat each night.


And I’m now reclaiming some of that routine in my eating habits. Instead of meal planning a day or week in advance, I’m going to try a whole month. Picking a number of my favourite meals, I’m going to try and stick to similar things each week, and then repeat the whole month again.

This also means I can try and minimise waste, plan for as many veggie based meals as I want, and using double or triple portions to spend a little less time cooking.

I don’t want to stop trying new foods, but, for a while at least, my next experiment is going to be to stop experimenting.