Becoming a cyclist

On my way home this evening, I shouted ‘Stop!’ at a man about to walk into traffic (and my path).

It’s empowering.


As I get more confident cycle commuting, I love it more and more. Cycle rage is novel and exciting, simply because I’ve never had the chance to experience it before. The very fact that I do now feels somehow like justification, like I must be a real cyclist.

And getting to warn/grumble/shout at people so they can actually hear it? Amazing.

These are probably not the things I should be admitting to enjoying, but there are plenty more reasons to love cycling.

Cycling to work means I arrive awake, heart beating and full of adrenaline. You don’t get endorphins just by walking.

It’s also incredibly convenient – distances have shrunk as I can get around faster. It’s made me far more aware of both car and pedestrian traffic.

And it’s one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel; something I’m becoming more and more interested in.

I love the freedom that it brings; go down any road, park (almost) anywhere. A short course and I’ll be able to do my own repairs. Because my commute is so short, it’s been a really good introduction to road safety, daily exercise, and the joys of a bike.