Becoming a cyclist, part 2


In Chorlton, people cycle to work in columns of bikes. Bike lanes are the norm and repair shops plentiful. It gives a certain kind of community, of feeling like you are the norm rather than the exception. It’s reassuring.

Thanks to TfGM, I went to my first free cycle maintenance course and learned how to change a tyre. I actually took the time to buy some supplies and clean my bike. Thanks to a University scheme, I am the happy owner of a mega – strong D lock.

In London I got back in the saddle of a Boris bike; and this time I loved it. Cycling around the capital means you get to see all the beautiful buildings, and to appreciate the fullness of the streets. I am newly impressed with my friend who is learning to navigate the streets there.

Now my commute is 6 miles a day in total, and that feels worthy of the title. I am learning to find my way to new places, and what the optimum number of layers is so not to turn up sweating.

As the sun begins to shine more warmly, I think about this summer and where I will go, days full of nothing but cycling, and joy.