How to run away with the circus (I’m taking trapeze lessons)

About a year and a half ago, I tried trapeze for the first time. It was absolutely fantastic, and I’ve been excited to go back ever since.


At the end of March I went to my first group lesson and was filled with the feeling of coming home. There was a big group of friendly people (with incredibly cool hair), and being able to watch others learn, and to learn from others, was really rewarding.

From the warm – up (basically a playground game that had me giggling with delight) to trying silks for the first time, to the pure freedom that comes from letting go of the ropes and swinging down off the trapeze, I loved every minute.

For me, the best exercise is the kind that is so much fun you never think of it as work. I’ve never been able to understand why people go to gyms when things like trapeze exist.


But it’s more than just an enjoyable activity; trapeze is also incredible difficult. Physically and mentally you have to put everything into it, and the progress you can make when you do is extremely satisfying. I like sports which seem like puzzles. “If I put my arm here, and balance like this…” it’s a process of working out how to perform a move, which allows for flow, and is probably why I find this more engaging than something like running.