In the spotlight

It has been a long, long time since I took part in any kind of public performance.

I have attended interviews and given presentations, led training. I achieved my first grading in capoeira and made a fool out of myself in a couple of different languages.

But a show where there would be an audience, not just colleagues or others training on the same course?

It might be as long ago as my high school play, in which I played a bit part with two lines.

At the end of June I was in a small end of year show with my trapeze group, performing a synchronised routine with my partner Amy.

I was very nervous beforehand, that the pressure might cause me to forget a move, lose the timing, or even simply fall off the bar.

None of that happened thankfully, it was all smooth sailing. It was even fun!

Of course there are things I’d like to improve, but I know that as I keep training, that will happen too. It’s exciting to think about what we will learn.