Risky is relative: or why I’ll happily cliff-dive but never take that ‘Community Chest’ card

In Monopoly, there’s a Community Chest card which reads:

Pay a £10 fine or take a chance

Now, £10 is not a large sum. The Chance card may bring good luck. But the idea that it could be much worse than that fine? The pure gamble it involves? That’s far too uncomfortable and I pay the fine every time.

Although it might not appear that way, I consider myself incredibly risk-averse.

monopoly board

Here’s the thing though – our definitions of ‘risk’ are completely subjective.

Some things I do not consider risky that others definitely would:

Riding a motorbike
Talking to strangers
Adventure sports
Asking for someone’s number
Cycling at night/ in busy traffic/ in London
Travelling alone in developing countries
Going to a party where you don’t know anyone
Moving house/ city/ country/ continent
NB: risky is not the same thing as hard. Some of those things are definitely difficult!

What do you consider risky that might not typically be considered so?