Books of 2011

So I realise this is quite late, but thought I would do a recap of some of my best books from last year. I also forget which books I’ve read, so this year plan to write down every single book, so I can have hopefully have a great long list this time next year!

Saddest book: Without a doubt its got to be A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. Made me weep, but not in a life-is-so-desolate-The-Road kind of way, in a very human and uplifting way.

Best thriller: Before I go to sleep by S. Watson. So enthralling I had to read it extra quick to find out what was going on and who she could trust.

Best fantasy: Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan. Nearing the end of this series (this is book 13) they just seem to keep on getting better. So excited for the final installment.

Best horror: I seem to be lacking a bit in this area, but I promise I will return from my next trip to the library with armfuls of Steven King. In the meantime, for 2011, maybe Perfume? By Patrick Suskind. It’s an amazing book, such a novel idea, just not sure if it qualifies as horror. Definitely weird.

Best romance: Delirium by Lauren Oliver. Very romantic and all about love defying all odds and how important it is, in every form, to our humanity.

Best sci-fi: Anything by John Wyndham! Probably The Trouble with Lichen. His books examine great and powerful ideas, beautifully woven into worlds where such strange things happen.

Best adventure: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, had to get it in there! Again, very fast-paced, exciting, with great characters and storyline. Bring on the film!

That’s all the categories I can think of at the moment, so until next January, happy reading.