Books that changed my life

What book has directly influenced your life? I was asked this recently, and while the answer is so (so!) many different books, at different times – there is one that stands out.

My worn and beloved copy

My worn and beloved copy

I read Little House on the Prairie when I was quite young and think it has had significant influence over the way I think and feel. And not just because I desperately want to live in a log cabin that I helped build, or because I find open grasslands beautiful.

The Wilder family moves across America throughout Laura’s childhood; settling the land before moving on, again and again.

That idea that we areĀ meant to explore, to be always looking towards the sunset is quite integral to my life.

I think it’s a wonderfully human trait to work hard, only to start from scratch somewhere else. For people to feel that pull to move, even when it may go against more rational constraints.

It’s something about the idea of wide open spaces, and the possibility that lives there. The ‘What Ifs’ and the chances and dreams.

What one book has directly influenced you?