Deja Vu

I started reading the Stone Gods, after reading the blurb and thinking it sounded really interesting. After reading a couple of chapters the story became more and more familiar, until I realised that this is the second time I’ve read this book.

Having said that, I don’t remember the plot, or even the character’s quirks ahead of re-reading them, it’s only when I read it again that the words remind me. This is quite a nice way to read books, although it doesn’t say much for my memory.

I remember that my intuition was right, and I enjoyed the book, but my ignorance of the details means I can enjoy it a second time. It’s sort of like meeting an old friend after a long time, and its only after spending time with them that you remember how good a friendship it was and how much you enjoyed their company.

Sometimes I wonder whether my time would be better spent reading new books (there’s not enough time in the world for me to read them all, unfortunately) rather than revisiting old ones.

But I do both, I don’t just revist the books of my past, I also read new books. And sometimes, as in this case, I can return to books without even meaning to. You can’t argue with your subconscious.