Life of Pi

Finished this last night and thought it was very good. A few people had been mentioning to me that it had left them underwhelmed – perhaps because of all the hype with the film coming out. Speaking of which, I am very excited that I managed to finish it before the film goes out of the cinemas, so I can still see it on the big screen, even though I must be the last person in the land to have read it.

I was a bit confused at the end – I gather most people were – about how much was true (within the story) and which version of events to believe. Of course there was a lot of unbelievable stuff in the book, but essentially it was a survival story, which is right up my street.

For some reason these types of apocalyptic (either in terms of the entire world, or a single individual) story really fascinate me – it makes me consider how I would react in such a situation.

The addition of the tiger was a nice touch as well, to show how important another life is to maintain any stretch of sanity, even if they belong to a different species. Having another sentient being to share such a terrible experience would certainly make it easier, at least to have a reason not to give up.

Surprisingly, I also found the book light-hearted in places, which made me laugh out loud at a number of points. Any book that can combine such tragedy with comedy is evidence of a great writer.