Overloading on dystopias

I’m really enjoying reading Farenheit 451, but its raised a significant concern. If I keep reading the same genre of books – over and over again – am I slowly but surely dulling myself to the effectiveness of these books to entertain?

I love future sci-fi dystopias so much that I actively seek them out. And since there are definitely a myriad of different ways in which the human race could quite plausibly mess itself up, along with the planet, I felt like the possibilities were endless!

But maybe I’ve been too greedy, bingeing on books which have such overlapping themes, characters and even plots.

I feel like I would have enjoyed Farenheit 451 much more if I had read it ten years ago.

It’s a bit of a depressing thought that maybe I will have to start reading different things instead (I do anyway, obviously, but still). And my other favourite genre isn’t really officially categorised as such, its just what I think of as ‘heartbreakingly-sad books’, making it difficult to identify a winner before I start reading.