Oxford literary spots

If you happen to be visiting this lovely place (or even be lucky enough to live there) make sure you check out the following spots:

The Alice in Wonderland shop. Yes, shop! It sells all sorts of amazing goodies and memorabilia.
You can sit on Lyra’s bench (Northern Lights) and dream your way into other worlds.
If you take a walk, you can find the same lamp post that marks the way into Narnia, and a carved wooden door which gave inspiration for the title The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.
Visit the Bird & Baby (real name: Eagle & Child) where great writers such as Tolkein and C.S.Lewis gathered around to talk about their books with the other ‘Inklings’.
Parts of the Harry Potter films were also taken around Oxford, so keep your eyes open. For example, Hogwart’s infirmary is set in the Bodleian Library (another great place to look around anyway).

I’m sure there are countless more references and literary haunts of past greats to be found in this city, and to be able to walk in their footsteps, sit where they sat, might even inspire a similar level of creative wondering.