Saying goodbye to Sookie

Ah, Sookie Stackhouse, what a character. There’s never a dull moment in Bon Temps, and if the storylines sometimes push you to the edge of belief, the people of this small town always make up for it. I liked the final book in the series; it wrapped everything up quite well, although it is hard to imagine that life will ever be anything close to peaceful for long where Sookie is concerned.

The ending was a little easy-option for me, and perhaps a bit rushed considering her history. Anyway, I thought I’d put together a few reasons why I like Sookie so much, and why you should too.

She stands up for herself and what she believes is right.
Good old-fashioned Southern manners; the importance of loyalty and honesty and respect.
Her acceptance of her own flaws: sometimes you have to make terrible choices and you make mistakes and there’s no need to continue beating yourself up about it.
That she will be okay on her own – even though Sookie always has a long line of men who would happily do anything for her, and she enjoys the company, she also likes to maintain her independence and is confident in her ability to be happy on her own.
She reads.

I’m so glad I got introduced to this series; it’s so much fun, but also has a lot more to say than just blood and sex. It provides a really good window into our own prejudices and how difficult it can be to overcome societal divides.