Spring reads

I read To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time, and thought it was great, although not exactly what I expected. The characters are amazing and I love the way the story is told from the perspective of a child. Very moving.

Also started my first ever Stephen King book, and quite disapointed. I wanted to be scared! Instead I was jsut disgusted. It was Dreamcatcher and I read half of it before I realised that it was just plain gross. The horror was meant to be a mystery as well, but there was a bad ratio of plot to gore, leaving very little incentive for me to keep reading. Since I had so many high recommendations before I started, there is the possiblity that I might try a different book, but doubt I will ever finish Dreamcatcher.

In other news, reading more of The Magus (I know its taking forever, it’s my long-train-journeys-book) and it’s getting quite good. Although reading such a crazy book when tired does mess with your ability to perceive reality accurately.

I also read Who’s Afraid of Mr Wolfe, a chick-lit novel written by a friend of a friend of my mums. Haven’t read something so fluffy in a while, so it was a nice change. Predictable as usual, but easy to read and read quickly. Pretty funny as well, made me chuckle out loud in a couple of places which is fairly rare for a book.