Up, up, and away

The reason it’s been a little quiet here on the blog is that I’ve been preparing for my travels more intensely – I leave for Rio de Janeiro on the 28th of February.

I’m blogging about that here, on my new blog. At the moment I’m posting on Mondays and Thursdays, although that will probably change when I arrive.

It also explains all the Spanish! I’ve got a few more of my Mexican folktales to read, and then I’ll probably go back to the beginning to see if my comprehension has improved.

And to get suitably inspired, I’m re-reading some of my favourite adventure memoirs. I’ve just read Wild again, and Love with a chance of drowning. My next read is called Kiss the Sunset Pig, by Laurie Gough and so far I am very impressed. Just the sort of sleeping-on-beaches, go-where-you-please lifestyle I will shortly be trying to emulate.

On my list is Jupiter’s Travels, which is a book by a guy who motorbiked around the world. He also joins a commune in California for a while. Just sayin’.

The big question of course, is what am I going to take with me to read?! I’m only going to be taking one novel, and swapping it as often as I can, at hostels and with the people I meet. I can also buy something if I can find books in English. But it means that the¬†original book must be really, really good. I want something I haven’t read before, quite long (my flight is 12 hours), and brilliant. Current ideas include Gone Girl or an old novel of Stephen King’s, but I’m open to suggestions.