Oh Mexico!

In sharp contrast to my idle days in Oaxaca, in Mexico City I have been sightseeing with a vengance. The guidebook never leaves my side and I plan my days with military precision; two main attractions per day, separated by lunch at a Rough Guides approved establishment.

I am having a lot of fun (planning is a hobby of mine), and am just a little exhausted.

So, four days in the capital. I went to see the zoo (fantastic!),

The National Museum of Anthropology (huge!),

Frida Kahlo’s famous Casa Azul,…and Diego Rivera’s mural of Mexican life.

My final day was devoted to the pyramids at Teotihuacan. I’ve been around ruins with a guide, with a group and I have to say, going on my own is one of my absolute favourite things.

Teotihuacan was very beautiful, and the blue sky and green grass (as well as relatively few crowds) makes me feel incredibly peaceful.

Note: if anyone is planning on going to these pyramids, don’t get a tour. It’s easy to go by public transport and a whole lot cheaper.

Mexico City is not as overwhelming as it is often portrayed. The metro is efficient (although confusing), there are good street signs everywhere, and for entertainment you need only step onto the street.

That being said, it’s definitely not pretty. And there are throngs of people, some of the pushiest and rudest I’ve come across. I remain unconvinced by the food.

I would like to come back to Mexico and explore a bit more…see the beaches and get out into a non-urban area.