On psychopaths and the Pirahas

So I finally got around to reading the Psychopath Test, after all this time! I have to admit, it didn’t quite meet my (admittedly high) expectations. Perhaps it was because it doesn’t really document the test in detail. Perhaps because although the content is immeasurably interesting, the book doesn’t really have an arc of any sort. Jon gains knowledge about psychopaths, one ambiguous criminal gets released, and that’s about it. I think its mainly that my preference for pure fiction is overbearing. Even if the story has good characters and follows an intriguing plot, if it’s real, I lose interest. There are of course exceptions to this rule, including several brilliant real life diaries. Maybe my penchant for sci-fi/fantasy is taking over my ability to enjoy ‘real’ books.

In contrast to everything I have just said, my next book is also non-fiction, but a story so incredible it may as well be. It’s about a missionary’s trip to a remote Amazonian tribe and how he becomes the one to be converted, to different theories on language and life. Aside from being about everything I would ever want in life, this book is important linguistically and antrhopologically. And guess what??

Dan Everett, author of the book and owner of the life I wish I could lead, is speaking at Manchester University in a couple of weeks. And I’ve got tickets!! There really isn’t anything more exciting that could happen to me. To be perfectly honest, I don’t even care what he talks about, such is my awe that I will be honoured to simply be in the same room as him.