From La Paz to Lake Titicaca

La Paz is a jumble of different things; fog hanging thick around the rim of the valley, a crush of people and sounds of the city, surrounded by dazzling views.

The city is somehow bigger and more modern than I thought, and I don´t love it, although I thought I might.

My highlights include:

  • The Red Cap Walking Tour – a genuine mine of information about the city.
  • The cementary – sounds like a weird tourist attraction, and it is, but incredibly interesting. People´s ashes are kept in sort of lockers in a huge graveyard which looks more like street upon street of apartments. There are ladders to reach the highest lockers, and relatives tend the shrines with flowers, coke, and toys. It would also work really well as the set of a horror movie about American youths abroad.

  • The Witches market – or really anything on the indigenous side, much nicer than the Spanish part of La Paz. Plenty of strange potions and charms to the Pachamama.

  • Mountain biking the World’s Most Dangerous Road (WMDR) aka. Death Road. Absolutely terrifying, but makes you feel alive like nothing else. No-one in our group got injured, which is wonderful.

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A few strange facts from La Paz:

  • They have people dressed up as zebras to help pedestrains cross busy roads.
  • The green man on traffic lights actually moves, and when the time for crossing counts down to the last few seconds, he runs faster! This is perhaps my favourite thing about La Paz. Not sure what that says about me.
  • They celebrate the day they lost their coast every year, even though they´ve been trying to get it back ever since.

From La Paz, I took the bus to Copacabana – which was lovely – to see Lake Titicaca. ‘Titi’ in Quecha (sp!) means puma, because the lake supposedly looks like a puma. Apparently you have to have tried a few Pisco Sours first, and then squint!

Isn’t it gorgeous? This was the view opposite the restaurant where I ate an entire hawaiian pizza to myself. In Copacabana, Hawaiian means peaches as well – delicious.

  And one shot of the Islas Flotante from the Peru side…