Welcome to La La Land

I landed in LAX four days ago and have been spending my time in a hippyish community at Long Beach. So far, the US is everything I hoped it would be and more. The streets are wide with ridiculous names, the sun is shining and the people are definitely friendly (apart from the customs officer who confiscated my apple :( )

Here’s my first impressions in numbers of…

Beaches visited: 3

Waves successfully surfed: 1/2

White picket fences viewed: 2 (yes I took a photo!)

Hare Krishna worship meetings attended: 1

Times I’ve been told to Have a Nice Day!: 5

Hours spent on the metro: 7.5

Times I’ve jaywalked: 5

Clouds in the sky: 0

Crazy people I’ve seen: had to stop counting

I’m currently staying in San Francisco, so more soon on beautiful houses, Silicone Valley and my first ever drive-in movie!!