Understanding America (or my attempt at explaining the US as a travel destination)

My amateur anthropology skills are just buzzing, being here. Americans are so fascinating! For many, the idea of coming to the states is more of a fun-filled, fairly meaningless holiday. But I’ve wanted to come here for years, and the people are a huge part of that.

To me, it’s that contrast of similarity and canyon – esque differences. A lot of elements in character and culture are exactly the same as back home in England; but this only makes the things which do differ, those delightful little details, all the more strange.

From language to food, religion to temperament, these observations fill me with glee.

If anyone ever wants to write a novel but is struggling for inspiration, all you need to do is get on a Greyhound. I swear I have seen more crazy on these buses than anywhere else in the whole of south and central America. And I saw some really strange stuff on my way up here.


It’s why I feel kind of ‘done’ with hostels. I’ve had a brilliant time backpacking through them and meeting hundreds of Europeans and Australians. Now I want to meet and stay with locals, who can show me what this place is really all about.

The other thing that really appeals to me about the United States is the vast range of differences in the country. Laid back surfers from the West Coast, all the people trying to make it ‘with a dream’ in Hollywood, rugged campers in the national parks and city slickers never five steps away from Starbucks and their office email. And that’s just the South West.

I am so excited to visit the music capital of the world, to experience a melting pot of culture in New Orleans, to see who travels on Amtrak, and gorge myself on country and blues.

I am so happy to be here.