Llamas, salt, and 5,000 metres above sea level

From Uyuni, I took a three-day tour of the salt flats – Salar de Uyuni. We saw deserts and volcanoes, lagoons and geysers; flamingoes and frolicking llamas; thermal springs, fields of quinoa, and salt.

The flats themselves were breathtaking. Whiter than snow, if you can believe it, and so bright you had to wear sunglasses constantly. The sky seems bigger out here, the land flat and wide, uninterrupted by signs of civilisation.

Desierto Dali was aptly named, the strange rock formations enough to make you think you´d lost your mind. The mountains were a rush of different colours, so beautiful they begged to be paitned.

I´ve never seen expanses so vast – it made me feel completely insignificant and full of possibility at the same time. I don´t think I could stay for long though – too much emptiness.

The guide was very helpful and spoke Spanish clearly, making it much easier to understand. The food was also surprisingly good.

But the trip was tough. The weather ranged from very hot, to very windy, to very, very cold. All our group suffered altitude sickness to some degree – one girl´s lips turned blue from the lack of oxygen!

Early starts and busy days, plus a complete lack of decent toilets, and our German-speaking group were also a bit exhausting and isolating.

The trip was incredibly interesting, with awe-inspiring views, if not exactly fun. It certainly made me wish for home comforts even more! Now just to wash all the salt from my clothes…