Choosing my battles

A lot of travelling, and how happy you will be while doing it, is down to the choices you make.

Since this is my first trip, and I’m on my own, I’m trying to be kind to myself when I make mistakes or when I’m finding it difficult. It also means I don’t always want (or need!) to take the more challenging choice.

Balancing the more comfortable options with ‘authentic’ travel offers the chance to experience both.

For example;

I do not always have to try to haggle (or haggle with any skill).

I don’t have to practice conversational Spanish with every local I meet. Sometimes a smile is okay.

I don’t have to try every local cuisine, or eat rice and beans every day.

I don’t even have to talk to English-speaking people if what I really want to do is to read my book and go to bed early.

I can definitely go to bed early (favourite part of travel? 😛 )

I don’t have to do every adventurous activity that comes my way, even if it sounds really fun.

This all takes away quite a lot of pressure and, so far, has been making my days sunnier.