Cycling the Danube

The beginning of May, and the start of my Danube cycling trip, is coming closer and closer.


I’ve got the guide, and my shiny new panniers, and have written my packing list. I spend happy weekends hanging around in bike shops, looking at “gear”. It feels very odd, somehow, to be looking for things like sporks again and drawing lines on maps. I am very, very excited.

danube packing

L-R: bikini, German dictionary, passport, travel pillow, helmet, charger, iPhone, ear plugs, deodorant, sun cream, tire levers, energy bars, first aid kit, water bottle, fleece, waterproof jacket, cardigan, dress, pyjamas, gloves, underwear, brush, hair bobbles, adaptor, safety alarm, pegs, chap stick, torch, cycling tops, cycling shorts, leggings, moisturiser, face wash, travel wash, body lotion, solid shampoo & conditioner, dry bags (3 sizes), travel towel, sleeping bag liner, sandals, guidebook, sun cream (face), whistle, pens, notebook, euros. Not pictured: toothbrush, toothpaste, sunglasses, repair kit, bicycle pump, novel.


I wonder how it will feel, to cycle day after day. I feel confident and comfortable now in my commute, and I have been trying to cycle to social events as well as to work. One evening, coming back a new and unfamiliar route, I realised how exhilarating it feels to not know where you’re going. To have in your head the turns you need to take, but no idea of what that will look like.

danube guide

My first weekend back in Nantwich after travelling, I wrote about the joys of the opposite; the comfort of the known.

I am ready to be lost again.