Downsides to living the American Dream

There’s countless things I love about America (although I am trying to count, I have a list) and a few that drive me crackers. Here’s the downsides:

1. Tipping culture
If you ever want to see me enraged, just ask me about tipping taxi drivers

2. Being rushed out of restaurants

3. Widespread fervent religion
Sometimes this is quite nice, but often it is a tad scary

4. The gun thing
For most of my time here I have managed to consistently and deliberately forget that guns are common and in use. But it still sucks

5. Obsession with cars
But that’s a story for a whole other post

6. International ignorance
Not always true, but I have been asked if Wales is actually its own country, rather than a suburb of England

7. The range of ready meals available
I like to cook, okay?

8. Border control/security
My experience wasn’t even extreme, but it was unpleasant and very unwelcoming. The level of security and paranoia is downright ridiciulous – I’d known that was a stereotype, but not that it was true.

9. Cockroaches

10. The tendency, nay, prediliction, for oversharing
Too much! Too personal! Too soon! I don’t want to hear about your sister in laws’ sexual health problems! I don’t know you!