Fear and trust

In South America, when someone asks you if you want to jump off a cliff, you say yes. Even if you’re shaking. Because how many times will you hear that question?

When people hear about my trip, they tend to think I must be terrified all the time – because travelling alone is gambling with your personal safety – or that I am never afraid.

Of course I get scared.

But I don’t accept my fear as an excuse not to do something. In fact, I’m more likely to use it as a reason to do something scary.  Because that same something is usually really exciting.

I also tend to trust people. Maybe a little too much, but I’m glad of that. I would not want to go through this wonderful world afraid of everyone I meet. Travelling alone makes trust a requirement; trust not to hurt you, trust to welcome you. It opens up so many possibilities that have already made this trip an incredible experience.

Here’s to the next adventure!