Museums of Manhattan

This week has been a big shift from traveller to tourist – Tom and I have been visiting famous attractions from Times Square to the Public Library, taking pictures and eating ‘New York’ foods (hot dogs, pretzels, bagels and frozen yoghurt).


I’ve actually gone above ground and seen the sights I’ve been travelling beneath on the subway (Grand Central Station, for example, is gorgeous.)

Art, both modern and ancient, has taken centre stage. We’ve seen both the silly (lego exhibition) and the serious (I forgot how excited I was when I discovered Futurism as a teenager).


Discovering great restaurants is more fun with someone else, as is trying to decide which is the Chrysler building and which is the Empire State.

Seeing the UN headquarters was a particular highlight. ..


And getting to play with the sailboats in Central Park seems like something straight out of a film.

There’s still so much left to see, but not so much time. I’m beyond glad that I left such a large chunk of my trip in this city.