Travel is tough…but so are you


I’ve said before that travelling isn’t always sunshine and roses, and although it’s easy to forget all the hard bits in hindsight, surviving those moments is certainly valuable. You are stronger than you believe and smarter than you know.

At one time or another whilst travelling, across both developing and developed countries, I have been: robbed, ignored, laughed at, spat at, harassed, bitten, burnt and lost. I have been homesick and seasick, had carsickness, altitude sickness and good old fashioned nausea. All my credit cards stopped working, my email stopped working, I missed buses and trams and trains and crashed into a tree on a motorbike.

I constantly forgot, and drank the water all over Central America. One bus broke down for nearly 12 hours. I sat next to a crime scene in the middle of the night. I was misdirected and ripped off and assaulted; I fell off a surf board, a sand board and a volcano board (not in that order). There was acute stomach pain that hurt every time I tried to eat; the scratches, bruises and exhaustion.

I was taken to security at Bogota airport at 3am, and almost got left behind by my transport (more than once). I have been woken up by the sound of my fellow passenger throwing up; I have locked my bike to a fence and broken the key in the lock, dropped my ID down a grate, and gone to the wrong terminal at the airport (more than once).

When we had no idea where we were, and didn't mind

When we had no idea where we were, and didn’t mind

The things you are scared of happening, could happen. Things you never even considered definitely will.

But you are going to be just fine.