What happened in Vegas…

…ends up on this blog! Haha. I went to Sin City with pretty low expectations; I’m fairly risk – averse and the thought of getting wasted alone really didn’t appeal.

So I went for the weirdness, as part of a collection of strange and crazy pieces of American life, and weirdness is certainly what I got.

Vegas has an effiel tower. It also has a sphynx, a castle and a statue of liberty. Bright, flashing lights, fake sky ceilings and a maze of slot machines made visiting this city incredibly interesting.

The decadence is surreal, and the contrasts of such excess in the middle of the Nevada desert is really a sight to behold.

I won $2.50 in Caesar’s Palace, saw aquariums and moving statues, a whole four – floor shop dedicated to M&Ms, and a comedy show at the Riviera. I got lost in downtown Las Vegas and only managed to find my way back to the right road by the help of a towering ‘STRIPPERS’ sign.

I tried to find the Welcome to Vegas sign on foot, but gave up when I appeared to be walking into the desert with only half a bottle of water and a notebook for company.

But mostly I enjoyed the wonderful opportunity for people watching. Elderly couples who must have been coming for years, British tourists burnt pink by the unrelenting sun. And locals with crazy eyes and loud voices.