Bloggers who write/ writers who blog


Is there a difference? I think so.

Some of the many interesting, funny blogs I read are not written particularly well. From sentence structure to multiple typos *proofreads this post extra carefully*, they are bloggers first and foremost.

Content can be exceptional even if the writing isn’t, fantastic photography, design and layout are often evident, and there’s a strategy behind the well-organised posts. Consistent scheduling, ebooks and giveaways, interaction and newsletters all help the reader to spend longer going through the archives and encourage them to share.

And then you get writers who blog. By this I mean authors or freelancers who use their blogs as a kind of portfolio.

The writing is skillful and can transport you away from the page. Because this group tends to focus on their words, there can be a lot less attention paid to the other elements of a successful blog. Presentation can suffer, as can the ease with which readers can navigate the site. No catchy headlines and backlinks here.

Thankfully the internet is immense, and there is space for both. But what I’m really interested in is a third category, one that overlaps qualities from expert bloggers and expert writers.

My favourite blogs are well-written and well presented.

They are easy to read, but you’ll want to read every word – not just scroll past. The writers behind these blogs are relatable because they put enough of themselves into each post, and have the skills to communicate that clearly and beautifully.

I’d like to be a part of that third group.¬†

PS: If you’re ever looking for new blogs to read (and enjoy food, adventure, psychology and lifestyle), check out my blogroll. I’m always excited to discover (and exhaust the archives of) new blogs, so let me know your suggestions too!