Day 22

Another NaNo post. There’s just over a week to go, and it’s getting really good. Sitting down to commit a couple of thousand words to the page is easier and easier – I watch my word count less like a hawk as I write, and the actual words seem better, the story more cohesive.

Making the time to write each day, and the space, and the concentration; I hope these are things I can carry through after this month is finished.

Most of all, I can’t wait to actually read what I’ve written. So far, I’ve only allowed myself to look back at the last sentence or so to check my place. I wonder what it’s like. I hope it (more or less) makes sense.

I’ve started getting nervous about all the people I said could read it once it’s done. Before I began, the book was an abstract thing, and I had no emotional investment in it, no reason to say no. Now I am protective. I want the chance to edit it a bit, improve it.

In the past week or so I’ve started reading again, looking to authors I haven’t read much of for inspiration. I’ve noticed that there’s probably a lack of description in my story. Maybe that’s a good thing, that I’ve got enough to say on plot and dialogue. But it’ll need adding.

The pep talks from NaNoWriMo have been particularly useful, and the forums are equal parts comforting and hilarious. It’s a lovely community of writers; a very supportive environment for first-time novelists.

Here’s a confession: I didn’t think I’d actually be able to do it.

Now, I know I will. I’m just over 10,000 words shy of the 50,000 pass mark and there’s still enough time to write the extra scenes I’ll need to finish the book. I have a better idea of how much I can write in an hour, in half an hour. I know without a doubt that I need, at the very least, a basic plan to write a book. My list of scenes has been the best thing to keep me writing each day, even if I don’t feel particularly inspired at the time.

Just over a week to go.