Seven days down

So, it’s seven days in to NaNoWriMo – how’s it going?

Fortunately, it’s been easier than I expected. 50,000 words sounds overwhelming, but 1,677 words a day is not actually that bad.

It also isn’t taking me as long as I planned to meet the word count target each day. Since I completely cleared my schedule out before November started, that leaves me with the lovely sensation of having extra time on my hands. Keeping on track now feels comfortable and manageable.

Now I just need to use that time to work on improving my plot and sub-plots, to really get to know my characters, instead of just saying “I’m done!” after a few hours each day.

A lot of this comes from my number one revelation (and probably something I already knew) – that I cannot work without a plan. I only managed one day of ‘pantsing’ before I admitted this and drafted out an outline. Now I’m working from a list of scenes. I can add to or modify the list, but that’s my basic structure.

The more I write, the more I want to write. At just over 10,000 words, it’s become the most I’ve ever written on a single project. That in itself is a success. I’m seeing inspiration everywhere and my desire to write is extending to other projects – ones I probably don’t have time for but am really excited about working on.

One big, exciting thing: I’m going to Glasgow for a weekend – the city where my story is based. This is where my romantic side shows up: the idea of walking around the same places my characters live in, seeing the same buildings they see and hearing the same accent, fills me with joy. The long train ride is also perfect for getting in some extra writing.

A note for NaNo critics: you’re basically missing the point. It is a month of fun, experimentation and feeling free enough to try to create something substantial.

Hopefully the rest of the month will go as smoothly; I’m trying to gradually increase the amount I write each day. More soon.