This time last year, take two

Earlier this year I wrote about leaving the UK to go travelling. This time last year, in two more days, I’d be heading home from that adventure.



Memories from those six months still float through my mind. It’s a juxtaposition of strange conversations with strangers, and the peace of walking through wide open spaces in the sun.

In February I wrote that the trip was largely free from doubt, and that’s the best way I can describe it. For all the fear-mongering that surrounds places like Latin America, when I was there it felt like there was no wrong move I could make, no serious mistake. Being alone meant there was no-one to disagree with over any decision, and even when things were hard, it was a good kind of hard.

I thought this deserves one more flashback post because this time, I am truly happy to be here. Instead of looking back at my summer in New York, or walking the Inca Trail, I am looking forwards. Exploring this new city feels like a bowl of sweets.

Here’s to the next adventure!